Snorkeling / Diving the Sea of Cortez:

Get into the underwater world of the sea of cortez and you will see why Jaques Cousteau called it “The worlds aquarium”. A rich endless entertaining display of marine animals, fish and fawna await your discovery! Calm, clear, warm waters surrounding Isla Espiritu Santo make access to this underwater world available to any level of snorkeler from timers to experienced divers. Highlights include: Over 900 species of reef fish, morey eels, turtles, small sharks and rays. Experienced divers try the famous El Bajo seamount, hammerhead sharks, giant manta rays, inhabit this popular offshore dive site.

Whale Sharks:

Frequent visitors to the area, these giants are readily accessable for viewing by boat in the Bay of La Paz, often found within just a few minutes ride from the Marina. Whale sharks are non-aggresive filter feeders and feeding takes place a few feet from the surface. Brave guest can swim alongside these giants with careful attention not to disturb them in their natural habitat, an adventure of a lifetime!

Swimming with Sea Lions:

An unforgatable experience the whole family can enjoy. Visit our local sea lion colony and interact with sea lions in their natural environment. The sea lion pups are very friendly seem to enjoy entertaining for you as they display their extraordinary underwater acrobatics.


Miles of undisturbed white sand beaches await for you! Or if you prefer to be in the company of others, you can visit either Tecolote Beach, enjoy an ice cold bevarage or some famous  baked clams, or Balandra Beach , this clear, shallow bay where you can walk for 300 meters or more in waist deep water.

Shopping / Restaurants / Night life:

Shop till you drop! Check out the El Centro section of la Paz filled with quaint boutiques and shops. Restaurants from open air Authentic Mexican to Japanese, Italian, Chinese, French and more. After hours try one of the many Clubs, Cafes and bars catering to a wide range of tastes from Mariachi, Latin, Rock,Blues, to a Romantic seranade on the waterfront.

We fish. We relax. That’s what we do.



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