Frequently Asked Questions And Travel Information :


Sun, Sun, and More Sun! It almost NEVER rains in La Paz. Basically you have 2 seasons here, Hot and Really Hot! From November-April the mornings and evenings are pleasantly cool with overnight lows of 15-18 and daytime 20-25 a light sweater and long pants are a good idea to bring during this time of year, but definitely shorts and t-shirts most of the time, sunscreen for the afternoon and at the beach or out boating-fishing. May-October it is Very hot, with daytime temps in the mid 30`s and 40-42 common in August-September, the evenings remain very warm, no jacket of any kind needed. Sunscreen is definitely required most days, sunglasses and hats out boating are a must! **wading shoes are required for the remote beaches as there are small sting rays and stone fish, caution must be taken to avoid being stung, very painful indeed!


The water quality in La Paz is very good compared to many other Mexican cities, however shortages do occur, try to limit useage whenever possible. Brushing teeth, showering with tap water is perfectly safe, but drinking tap water in large amounts is not recommended. Bottled water and water coolers are readily available for cooking, washing vegetables, etc. There are many large grocery stores nearby, including a Wal-Mart, etc. the selection is excellent, but will be different in some cases compared to what you have in your home town. Specialized-diet sensitive foods may require some “hunting” but are available. We have an excellent public market 2 blocks away with terrific fresh seafood, meats and locally grown vegetables, very reasonably priced.


There are some amazing restaurants in La Paz, all within walking distance from our resort, from fine dining, to pizza, sushi, fish tacos, and an awesome traditional Mexican restaurant right out our front door! Great service and excellent quality, prices for any budget, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The main currency in La Paz is PESOS and is recommended. U.S. dollars are accepted in some situations, Canadian is not. Visa is accepted at most, but some small family operated businesses are cash only. Currency exchange booths and reliable bank machines/ATM`s are everywhere, the instructions are in both English or Spanish, and Bank branch ATM`s have reasonable transaction fees be careful of the smaller machines particularly in those busy tourist areas! There are very few reported cases of fraud in La Paz, none of our guests have had any problems…..It is best to arrive in Mexico with some pesos for your first few days.

Bugs and “Critters”

There are no scorpions, spiders, snakes etc. to worry about here in town. There are a few mosquito’s, but Dengue fever shots are not required as in many other “tropical” destinations. If you plan to do some “hardcore” desert exploration, the area is extremely rugged and boots are of course recommended..Small lizards gecko`s are fairly abundant, but are quite friendly and help control the insect population. *cockroaches….yuk! unfortunatly this is something you might see in certain areas of the city, but we have a very intensive spray program at our resort and you will not see them here!


La Paz has Mexico`s LOWEST CRIME RATE! The ocean front “malecon” is full of families, tourists, both young and old strolling along peacefully in the evenings, walkers, bicyclists, and joggers in the mornings, it is clean, quiet and very tranquil place, no gangs, no peddlers, no threats of any kind like the news stories that you hear about of the violent border towns that are a thousand miles away from La Paz…..Of course, use common sense like you would anywhere else you might live. The people of La Paz are very kind and peaceful, always willing to help you and greet you with a smile! The police are present in all tourist areas many of them are women and are there to assist you.

Night Life/Music/Drinking

La Paz does have a night club scene, and live music from smaller intimate restaurant/bars with Mexican musicians-mariachi bands that will come and perform right at your table, to booming dance clubs, and everything in between including several gentlemen’s clubs.**we do not allow the use of drugs at our resort and any guests must meet with our approval before entering the property** of course cocktails and having fun is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!! 🙂


Smoking is permitted , but not in the rooms. We are pet friendly, but they must be kept outside, not interfere with other guests and you have to clean up the poop!

We hope you find this information helpful, and please feel free to contact us anytime for more information   leosbaja@yahoo.com 

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